About Us

WMUA 91.1 FM out of Amherst, MA aims to provide their listenership with an eclectic mix of music. From Jazz, Folk, Hip-Hop and Electronic (RPM), to Classical, Indie Rock and everything in between; WMUA highlights musical artists from across the world spanning many decades as well as sports broadcasting and exciting news content.

We pride ourselves on being an alternative choice to the corporate controlled and funded top 40 stations in the world of radio today. College radio is truly the last place in the music world that isn’t fully capitalized on and what’s “cool” and what you hear is naturally occurring. The programming presented by 91.1 is unique and we love it. One of our vintage catchphrases at WMUA used to be, “Radio you don’t hear on the Radio” and the concept still stands true today.

As the radio voice of Umass Amherst, WMUA prides itself on being a learning laboratory for students at the university. We pride ourselves on offering students as well as community members the free reign and creative opportunities to have their voices heard across the airwaves on 91.1FM.

“About Us” by Kara Daily, Music Director (December 2016-May 2017)