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Review: Humble Digs & Sunshine Bros. Inc. @ Iron Horse Music Hall, 10/14/17

The Sunshine Bros. Inc. and the Humble Digs, both local musical groups, played a fantastic and lively show Saturday night at the Iron Horse in Northampton. Although a late show, beginning at 10 pm, it drew a crowd large enough to fill the floor. Unfortunately for Iron Horse regulars, the balcony area was closed. Starting off, the Sunshine Bros. Inc. came out strong with many originals and a couple of cover songs, namely a surprise version of Let’s Dance by the legendary, late David Bowie. UMass Amherst rapper NliteN took the stage alongside the Sunshine Bros Inc. for a track, which was well rehearsed and hyped the crowd.

The Humble Digs took the stage around 11 pm and began playing a very avant-garde Ode To Viceroy by Mac DeMarco, which melded into tracks off of their most recent album “&,” and never before heard tracks from an album in progress, “Portrait of Grace.” The Humble Digs bring a lot of energy within every song; needless to say the crowd was rocking out, carried by soothing, walking bass lines, trills and licks from both guitarists and killer beats from the drummer. They were melting face, so to speak. During the middle of the set, the Humble Digs brought out a fan favorite: Fearless, by Pink Floyd; one of the best covers of all time, by a local artist. The Digs use slide guitar to create an eerie and intriguing version of a rock classic.

Things to look out for in the future: the Sunshine Bros Inc. just released their debut EP “The Sunshine Tape” mid-September, and can be found on Bandcamp, and Facebook. The Bros. will be playing shows in the Valley for the foreseeable future. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information.

The Humble Digs are going on hiatus! Unfortunately for those looking to see the Digs again in concert, you will have to wait a couple of months. They are going undercover to work on their new album, “Portrait of Grace,” which will be released in the next year. To find your Humble Digs fix for the moment, search them on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify and Facebook.

NliteN can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify and Facebook. He has released a couple of new music videos, accessible on Youtube.


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